New Mask Protocol at Church

With the new provincial guidelines coming into effect Thursday night, anyone attending church services will be required to wear a mask for the duration of the service.

Here is the update from the CPHO.

How does the mask mandate apply to places of worship and faith gatherings?

Masks are required for indoor faith gatherings and services at places of worship. Attendees are required to wear masks, unless exempt, even if physical distancing can be maintained throughout the activity, event or service.

Because it is a high risk activity, parishioners must wear masks while singing. However, performers or officiants (such as ministers and readers) can choose to not wear masks in the course of performing activities requiring vocalization, such as talking or singing. In such instances, we encourage the officiant or performer to use a microphone to project their voice to reduce the risk of respiratory droplets being spread. Whenever possible, the officiant or performer should stand at least 4 metres or 12 feet from the attendees. If there is more than one performer or officiant, they should make efforts to be spaced at least 2 metres or 6 feet apart from each other and not be facing each other.